About Us

Craig has an extensive background in the Real Estate industry. He has been a Loan Officer, Real Estate Agent, Broker and a business owner. Craig was a licensed financial advisor for a fortune 500 brokerage firm for over 7 years. He started his Real Estate career as a loan officer in 2002. Four years later, Craig opened his own internet brokerage firm with a team of Agents and Loan Officers. On what he finds most rewarding: Professionally I find it most rewarding when I take care of my clients on a level where their loyalties refer their friends and family members and they consider me the family Mortgage Advisor. Personally I find it rewarding dedicating myself to a healthy lifestyle. My motto is, ‘a healthy body equals a healthy mind.  On helping clients be successful: “My thought process on helping clients is very simple. If you’re not in the business to help your clients succeed, what are you in the business for?” Who has inspired him: “Coming from a single parent home my inspiration has come from my mother. She has instilled my moral compass, integrity and ethics. Showing her through my success, she did an excellent job in giving me all the tools to succeed in life and business.” On his priorities: “My highest priority is my family.” On his interests: “In my spare time when school is in session I teach an after school program called ‘Money Smart.’ It teaches the value of the dollar to middle and junior high students by looking at their earning power compared to the cost of living. Also, I coach a basketball team of middle school students at the neighborhood YMCA. In addition, I enjoy chess, wine, biking, working out and traveling. I also of course enjoy my friends and I am a great cook!”